Fire Sprinkler Installation & Inspection

Custom Fire Sprinkler Designs Done by Professional Fire Sprinkler Contractors in Richardson, TX and the North Texas Area

We never want sprinklers to turn on suddenly, but when, and if needed; fire sprinklers should act quickly and effectively enough to extinguish any source of fire within your house or business. Our professional fire sprinkler contractors will provide you with any assistance during the installing process of the best fire sprinkler system design tailored to your property and its needs. We at One Call Fire LLC cover all of your fire sprinkler needs so you don’t need to worry about contacting any other company. Some of the fire sprinkler system services we offer include:


  • Fire sprinkler installation.
  • Fire sprinkler inspection. 
  • Fire sprinkler monitoring. 

We truly care about your safety and satisfaction, as such, we strive to provide custom designs, personalized 24/7 assistance and thorough inspection of all your sprinkler systems.

How Can Our Experts Keep Your Business Safe

We at One Call Fire LLC have over 25 years of experience in the field. We know that the fire sprinkler system commercial design is very different from a residential sprinkler system. Every business is different, therefore, every business needs different fire sprinkler systems design. When you hire us at One Call Fire LLC to install your sprinkler system, we are not just going loosely install sprinklers, but you can count on us to: 


  • Help you design the perfect sprinkler system and equipment best suited for your building and employees safe.
  • Inspect thoroughly your building so we provide a tailored fire sprinkler system installation. 
  • Be there for you 24/7 monitoring your systems so you know you’re covered in any emergency.

Contact us now and our experts will guide you through the whole process of keeping your building safe and compliant with NFPA and OSHA fire code standards.

We Strive to Keep You, Your House and Building Protected

A properly designed and installed fire sprinkler system can be a life saver, literally. Our fire sprinkler contractors at One Call Fire LLC go all out so we can provide you with safety your house and business deserves. Some of the advantages of having a professionally designed and installed fire sprinkler system are:


  • Save Lives: Our essential goal is to keep people safe from a potential fire. 
  • Reduced Insurance Cost: Fire sprinkler controlled fires are in the majority of cases less damaging than fires that are not suppressed by fire sprinklers.
  • Automatic Rapid Response: There’s no room for human error in our systems, you can feel confident that our automated rapid response system will keep you safe. 
  • Cost Effective: Installing fire sprinklers is an investment. The cost of fire sprinkler installation is minimal when compared to potential losses of your valuables on a fire.

If you’re located in the surrounding areas of Richardson, TX. contact us now at (682) 314-7576 to learn more about how we can help you keep your house and building safe from any potential fire damage.

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